New Model Army on march to Edinburgh with new album

IN October 1980 three musicians took to the stage in their hometown of Bradford to play a gig under the name New Model Army.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 3:00 pm
New Model Army

Led by frontman and songwriter Justin Sullivan, this was the start of a remarkable journey which, almost 40 years on, has seen New Model Army develop a fervent fanbase.

With a new album due to drop on 23 August the band have announced they will play the Liquid Room on 21 November, and while members have changed over the years and musical styles evolved, at the heart of the band Sullivan has remained, along with a belief in the power of music to inspire and effect change on a personal and political scale, both locally and globally.

With the band’s hugely acclaimed albums Between Dog And Wolf in 2013 and Winter, three years later, bringing renewed critical appreciation, New Model Army return in 2019 with From Here, recorded earlier this year on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske at the beautiful Ocean Sound Recordings studio and reflects the spectacular isolation of that environment yet has profound messages for the world we all live in and the times we are experiencing.

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“We all have different lives and different tastes in almost everything, including music”, say the band.

“One thing we have in common is the love of bleak, open, cold, rugged landscapes – water, snow, rock. So this was the perfect place for us to work on something collectively – at all times while we were working, we could look up and see the sky, the sea and melting snow on the mountains, all in a constant state of change.

“So this album has a feel that is different to our other albums, but it still contains all the elements that characterise our peculiarly unidentifiable music – perhaps even more than ever.

“And From Here was an obvious title. The record belongs to a very special place and a particular time – what is happening in the world, where we are as a band and where we are as people.”

Tickets for the Liquid Room go on sale Thursday 16 May, 10am, from