Nostalgia: Roll up, it’s all the fun of the fair

THE big wheel planned for Princes Street Gardens could well be the ultimate fairground ride.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th March 2012, 12:00 pm

More London Eye than Ferris wheel, it is planned to start turning as early as next month and continue until October, giving unrivalled views of the city... but will it be any more fun than fairs of old?

It may not have been enough to convince these sun seekers to give up their spot on a bustling Portobello beach in May, 1956.

Edinburgh’s seaside was still a major draw for local families and those further afield, although by the looks of the clothing, the city was not exactly basking in balmy weather. Whatever the conditions, the rollercoaster and funfair was always a hit and a brave few even ventured into the open-air pool.

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By 1989, Portobello was moving with the times and Mark Noble, owner of Tower Amusements, was pictured on one of the new rides to tempt in families in the same year.

Competition was growing, of course, and hello, hello, hello, what’s this in Holyrood Park in 1989? Two police officers were caught in the act of inspecting the merry-go-round during the Fringe Sunday event.

How do you run a funfair in November? Indoors, obviously, and in 1968 two children were pictured enjoying the roundabout inside the former Goldbergs department store in Tollcross.