Real men do dance

AN exploration of masculinity and male identity through dance comes to Musselburgh this evening when Company Chameleon takes to the stage of the Brunton with a double bill of contemporary dance entitled Kith/Kin.

Created by founder members Anthony Missen and Kevin Turner, the first piece, Before Night Fell (devised with choreographer Beth Cassani) looks at notions of friendship, camaraderie and bravery, and finds the dancers tackle concepts of physical risk, intimacy, vulnerability, power and manipulation. Rites, the second piece, uses the personal and shared histories of Missen and Turner to chart the passage from childhood, through adolescence into adulthood.

Described as powerful and poignant, it investigates those events and experiences that shape us as friends, brothers, fathers and sons. The work combines bold athleticism with moments of touching sensitivity.

Founded by Missen and Turner in 2007, Company Chameleon believes that dance theatre is a vital method for social change. Their work allows the viewer to experience the art of dance while tackling challenging issues in inventive ways that allows the viewer access and inclusion.

Through the performance of their work they hope to support social cohesion and artistic understanding via the propagation of expression, creativity and physicality.

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    Kith/Kin, Brunton Theatre, Ladywell Way, Musselburgh, tonight, 7.30pm, £10.75, 0131-665 2240