Review: The Proclaimers at Edinburgh Castle

The Reid twins have been on quite a wee jaunt around the globe this year, taking in Australia, New Zealand and a few European dates before heading south of the border later - but this homecoming gig will likely be a high point for them.

Sunday, 21st July 2019, 12:02 pm
The Proclaimers at Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Scott Louden/TSPL

And for the predictably boisterous crowd: predictable enough in fact that that the seating on the esplanade was taken away, turning the Castle into one large mosh-pit for the evening.

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The Proclaimers seek Sunshine on Leith fan footage during Edinburgh Castle gigs

The demographic was a decent mix of old and new, many of the throng likely to have first witnessed the duo on their superb outing on the long-gone Channel 4 show The Tube, back in 1987. Worth a Youtube search kids. Those were the days when no-one could tell them apart.

Craig Reid on stage. Picture: Scott Louden/TSPL

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First up is Angry Cyclist from last year’s album of the same name and a few mid-period tracks before belting out the first of many fan favourites in Letter From America. Not a major amount of inter-chat songs other than the odd “good to be home” type banter but their well-known political leanings weren’t far away.

The homecoming theme was continued with Streets Of Edinburgh, an inevitable inclusion from the same album and is carried on later in to 2001’s Scotland’s Story, itself being dedicated to perhaps Scotland’s least popular export, Donald Trump and his “stupid Scottish hair and fat German arse”.

The band were joined on a superb outing of Sunshine On Leith by a violinist who, perhaps accidentally, was wearing a heart pendant around her neck. But at least it wasn’t maroon. And on the subject, there were a few dedications tonight for various family members and friends plus “even some Jambos” and I’m On My Way was thrown the way of local songwriter Bobby Heatlie on his 73 birthday, his son of the same name twiddling the knobs tonight.

500 Miles finished the main set and the guys let the crowd do most of the heavy lifting on vocals, like they had a choice, a small break for a swig of something and back to the politics with 1988’s Cap In Hand. Lots of “Yes” emblazoned saltires being waved out front. Shock, horror.

An excellent outing from the guys and an equally excellent reaction from the sell-out crowd. They play again tonight and there’s a returns list available, well worth a few quid to witness.

The Proclaimers, Edinburgh Castle, July 20, 5/7 stars