Snapshot: Robert Pia, musician

Date of birth: July 19, 1985

Occupation: Music professional.

What school did you attend? George Heriot’s.

What sort of pupil were you? I was a bit of a “if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done” kind of girl. I was really good at English and music.

Were your school days the best days of your life? Not at all.

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    What was your first job? I had a Sunday job at the Blackford Avenue Store.

    What has been your most unusual job? I worked in a poster shop called Kick Ass.

    My biggest achievement so far has been . . . Creating a band called The Banana Sessions with my friend Calum Wood.

    My worst moment ever was . . . In geography class, I was sitting at the top of a tiered classroom. During a group discussion I was talking rather over-animatedly when my chair slipped off the top step and crahed into each of the rows of desks that were below me.


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    Three words that sum up my personality are . . . Happy f*****g days.

    Three places in Edinburgh I could not live without are... The Jazz Bar, Calton Hill and Leith.

    Who is your best friend? Marilyn.

    Which TV show do you never miss? Come Dine With Me, EastEnders or Take Me Out.


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    If you could bring one show to Edinburgh what would it be? Janelle Monae.

    Name one item you could not live without? My guitar.

    By what ethos do you live your life? Be a legend.

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