SuziToy bring incendiary punk’n’roll to Edinburgh

PUNK lives on at Bannermans on 18 July when SuziToy head to the venue to promote new single Gangs.


The London-based punk’n’roll trio formed in London in 2018 by Ko-Chun Lee (bass/vocals) and Marlon Woods (guitar/vocals) from the ashes of We Buy Gold, and former Flesh For Lulu drummer Bish Bishop boast they are “the soundtrack for those flickering moments when the night crawls in and the daylight fades”.

Having honed their craft via a series of incendiary live shows across an increasing number of devastated hometown venues, SuziToy’s rising fanbase has been swelled by feverish word of mouth and breathless enthusiasm.

“Gangs is our response to the corporate and corrupt powers that enslave the people,” says Bish of the new single.

“It’s dark and dangerous, but at the same time you can dance to it. That’s a really potent mix and not for the faint of heart.”

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    As they prepare to tour, they promise, “Be ready for a mind-blowing sonic adventure. These dates are just the first steps of what’s going to be a long journey. And we want you to join us.”