Taboo star David Hayman returns to Musselburgh

BOB Cunningham is back, and he's not happy, which means Taboo star David Hayman is back too, at Musselburgh's Brunton Theatre later this week.

Tuesday, 7th March 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:53 am
David Hayman as Brace in Taboo

After two years filming, including playing the role of Brace, the loyal servant of shipping line owner Horace Delaney in the recent period BBC drama Taboo, with Tom Hardy, Hayman is back on the stage, reprising a successful character in a new play which looks at just where the UK stands in the run up to Brexit - according to trade union official Bob Cunningham.

Cunningham, the protagonist of The Pitiless Storm, a one-man show written by Chris Dolan which toured in the run up to 2014’s Scottish referendum, returns.

It’s two years after the independence referendum and Bob has stuff on his mind.

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Stuff like whether or not to take early retirement and why Ethel, his ex, who hasn’t been around for 20 years has suddenly resurfaced.

Then there’s politics, of course, and what to do about the No vote, Corbyn, Brexit et al.

And then there was that weird thing about a man ascending into the heavens.

Hayman, who is still best know to TV viewers for his role as DCS Mike Walker in ITV’s Trial & Retribution, says, “Bob is a storyteller. In The Cause of Thunder he’s telling his own story - and asking where he (and each of us) stands.

“Is his life’s work done? Is he finished? Can he come to terms with his and his country’s past and future?”

The Cause of Thunder, again written by Chris Dolan, is directed by David Hayman Jr (David’s son) and comes to The Brunton on Saturday.

The Cause of Thunder, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Saturday, 7.30pm, £13, 0131-665 2240

Recommended for ages 14 plus/features strong language