Two great family shows are coming to East Lothian

TWO great family shows come to East Lothian in the coming month.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:45 pm
Eddie & the Slumber Sisters

First, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and The National Theatre of Scotland bring Eddie and The Slumber Sisters, an interactive show that explores grieving through the eyes of a child, to Haddington’s Corn Exchange, Thursday 3 May.

The Slumber Sisters are an all-singing trio whose job it is to monitor our dreams and ensure that our night time wanderings remain healthy and sage.

Armed with an infinite supply of remedies, they arrive to create dreams that will help us through difficult times.

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Eddie soon catches their attention. She might be quiet and reserved by day but at night Eddie’s dreams are increasingly wild, chaotic and sometimes terrifying.

It has been like this ever since her gran died. As Eddie’s grief comes out in force at night, the Slumber Sisters decide it is time to intervene.

At Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre on Saturday 12 May, Tortoise In A Nutshell and Teater Katapult present Fisk.

Amidst a vast, cascading ocean, a tiny boat is tossed through rolling waves and thundering storms, a speck amidst turbulent seas.

Steadily rowing forward into nothingness is a man, driven by despair. He looks out as the darkness looms and prepares himself to leap. But, before he can jump out, something else jumps in.

A story about a man and a fish and the unexpected impact they have upon one another, Fisk weaves puppetry, movement and design to create visual theatre that draws audiences into an atmospheric and immersive world.

The Slumber Sisters, 7.30pm, £9,£7 Child (£30 Family of 4) / Fisk, 7.30pm, £13.50 (£11.50), 0131-665 2240