Book captures spirit of Capital and the people that make it

PILOT, muralist, spinner and punk. Just some of the faces that make Edinburgh one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 8th March 2017, 4:35 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:12 am
Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros. Cameron Cube
Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros. Cameron Cube

All have been captured in a moment in time by documentary photographer Manel Quiros, for a new book, Faces of Edinburgh.

Working in both black and white and in colour, the photographer has documented 100 characters found on the streets of Edinburgh today.

It’s an enlightening collection.

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Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros

From homeless to healer, art historian to The Mad Earl of Drumlanrig, Quiros has made portraits of them all.

Young and old, female and male, it’s a truly eclectic collection that paints a vivid picture of present day inhabitants of Edinburgh.

Flicking through the pages, it is quickly obvious that for Quiros, who was born in Barcelona, the attraction of Auld Reekie goes way beyond its well-documented architecture and renowned historic attractions.

Having come here to study, he quite simply fell in love with the place, and stayed.

Estefania Garzon- A pilot in Edinburgh

“I came to Edinburgh to study visual storytelling, photo journalism, and to learn English,” he explains.

“My first thought was to stay in Edinburgh for three years, but then I made my life here.

“I have been living in Edinburgh for seven years now, and I have made it my home.

“I have a sentimental attachment to Edinburgh as it is the city that has given me the opportunities I was looking for.”

Laura O'Neill

The city also gave him the inspiration for his for latest project.

“Faces of Edinburgh has been inspired by the idea of doing a book about ‘the behind the scenes’,” he continued.

“I wanted to show the people who make things happen.

“We all know the buildings and the story of Edinburgh, but not too many people know about the people that make the city vibrate with life. The people that make the city alive. The people that make the city what it is today.

Peter Miller- Site manager

“A documentation of people from Edinburgh and their stories in one moment of history, that will remain forever.”

Knowing the nooks and crannies of the old town and the elegant squares of the Georgian New Town, Quiros set out to capture the unique mix that goes towards creating what is the essence of Edinburgh, consequently on the pages of the book, a pirate appears alongside a taxi driver, a bagpipe maker alongside a backpacker.

Each with a story to tell.

“When I look back over the faces in the book, what surprises me is the great multiculturality Edinburgh has gained over the years,” added Quiros.

“It is a city where you can meet people from all over the world, and learn about other countries and cultures,” says Quiros.

“What amazes me is that Edinburgh has created a culture of its’ own by using the vast mixture of cultures it attracts. It is a great time and place to be.”

Tartan Heather- Spinner


“I AM a point in the sky, an arrow, a moving beam, which touches and goes, which rises and descends, which brings and takes.

“I touch the screens, the levers, I turn the engine on, calculate, report, adjust and I climb.

“I move axis, change flight levels, I go in and out of invisible airspaces that guide me and receive me.

“I do my job as someone who is serving a mission.”


Owner of Maison De Moggy

“I’VE always been passionate about animals.

“A visit to Japan inspired me to bring the concept of a cat cafe to my home town of Edinburgh. After months of spending every spare acquiring the fluffy jigsaw pieces that became the Maison de Moggy family, the cat was out the bag and I opened Scotland’s first cat cafe.”


Site manager

“I HAVE been working as a builder for 30 years.

“My job takes me all over the east coast, also doing a lot of work for Edinburgh Council.

“We built the Great Britain headquarters for Mr Arnold Clark and we have also been working on the Edinburgh trams since the beginning.

“For us, the public is really important – it doesn’t matter where we are.”



“I AM originally from Ayrshire, but I have been moving back and forward between Glasgow and Edinburgh for many years.

“What I do is a very important part of Scottish history.

“I take wool, spin it, dye it and create unique pieces of cloth such as hats, scarfs, or traditional Gaelic Scottish dresses.”


Director of Cube.Ext Ltd

“FROM a young age I was exposed to LA gang life, then was blessed with an opportunity in the music industry.

“Who’d have thought Edinburgh would end up being my home. The hospitality industry feels right and is where I belong. I have been able to adjust to almost anything in life.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason and not all that glitters is gold, so you must work for your own prosperity.”

Faces of Edinburgh by Manel Quiros
Estefania Garzon- A pilot in Edinburgh
Laura O'Neill
Peter Miller- Site manager
Tartan Heather- Spinner