East Lothian author Ken explores the devil's landscape

THERE is always cause for excitement when internationally acclaimed medical thriller Ken McClure launches a new novel. Even more so when it is the latest in his Dr Steven Dunbar series.

Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 12:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 12:25 pm
Internationally acclaimed medical thriller writer Ken McClure

Just in time for Christmas (if you are looking for a last minute present or stocking filler), The Devil’s Landscape finds McClure’s intrepid hero investigating a new intriguing case. When the ex-Special Forces medic, now working for the Sci-Med Inspectorate, takes a professional interest, what at first appears to be a case of jealousy and petty spite interfering with cutting edge research begins to escalate alarmingly into a nightmare with global consequences, which suggests that the ancient struggle between good and evil is still very far from being over.

Funding for Professor Dorothy Lindstrom, a leading neuroscientist who has recently returned home to the UK after a tragic fire took the lives of two of her young colleagues at Yale University, has been completely blocked.

Lindstrom, a feisty character who has made more than a few enemies over the years, have been making dramatic progress in the new field of epigenetics - genetic influences on human behaviour.

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One of the group, Dr Owen Barrowman, has been looking for genetic and biochemical differences in convicted psychopathic killers in secure establishments is particularly upset as he believes he is on the brink of a major discovery.

Determined to complete his research before the money runs out, despite Steven’s warnings, tragic consequences follow...

The latest novel from the East Lothian author is now available worldwide in both paperback and Kindle ebook format.

Paperback, priced £8.99, can be purchased at www.amazon.co.uk