Alan Longmuir: The Bay City Rollers’ missing millions

Bay City Rollers in 2105
Bay City Rollers in 2105
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FINALLY, in 2016, we reached an out-of-court settlement with Sony, who now own the Arista and Bell assets, over our unpaid royalties.

We didn’t receive a great deal each – enough for some nice holidays but not life-changing.

But, for me, it was a huge relief and a triumph.

It was always there like a throbbing head in the background and now it was over. It meant we were vindicated.

We were owed that money. We were treated badly. We were right to fight for what was ours.

The fact that it had been whittled away to almost nothing by professional fees and god knows what else is a shame but as I have said before, we were wee fairground goldfish swimming among sharks.

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