Casualty favourite Richard Winsor is stayin’ alive with Saturday Night Fever

Richard Winsor
Richard Winsor
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BILL Kenwright’s highly anticipated new production of Saturday Night Fever sashays onto the stage of The Playhouse next week with Casualty favourite Richard Winsor taking on the role made famous by John Travolta, that of Tony Manero.

40 years since its UK cinema release, this Saturday Night Fever has been reimagined and revitalised and now features, for the first time, the Bee Gees - played by Ed Handoll (Barry), Alastair Hill (Maurice) and Matt Faull (Robin) - singing the hit soundtrack of the disco classics.

Saturday Night Fever tells the story of Tony Manero, and his reckless, yet thrilling road to dancing success and features hits including Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy and More Than a Woman as well as 70’s favourites Boogie Shoes and Disco Inferno.

Whilst paying homage to the movie, this new stage version promises more drama, more music and hot new choreography

It’s Winsor’s first leading role in a musical, the dancer/actor who is best known as Caleb Knight, the role he played in Casualty from 2014-2017, reveals, “John Travolta’s performance in the film Saturday Night Fever was what got me dancing as a kid. The disco scenes, his solo, his very masculine energy, it inspired me.

“I remembered all the incredible moments from the film and all its themes, and thought, ‘If we get that clear and honest for a new stage version, it could be really amazing.”

He continues, “Saturday Night Fever follows Tony. He is a young, enigmatic guy who hasn’t had much opportunity in his life. He’s from a hard-working, down on their luck, Brooklyn family, and works in a paint store for minimal wages.

“But when he goes to the 2001: Odyssey nightclub, he is the king on the dance floor. He’s a different person there. He loves the attention, the sweat, the heat, the women.

“When the club announces a dance competition with a prize of $1000 and the chance to dance in the discos of Manhattan, it’s a big deal for him. It offers him that chance to escape.”

If you’re a fan of the film, Winsor promises the stage show offers so much more.

“The sheer immediacy, energy and atmosphere you get from the stage adds to the experience.

“That coupled with beautifully sung live music and amazing choreography is fantastic. You get moved in a different way in the theatre. “

Saturday Night Fever, The Playhouse, Greenside Place, 23-27 October, 7.30pm (2.30pm), £26.90-£58.40, 0844-871 3014