Could your child be a radio star?

Fun Kids Radio Roadshow
Fun Kids Radio Roadshow
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IF IT was ever your ambition to be a radio presenter when you were a kid, well, this Fringe there’s a great opportunity to relive that long-held dream vicariously through your very own budding little radio star.

Fun Kids, the UK’s children’s radio station for kids, families and parents, has left the station this August and taken its Epic Roadshow Adventure to Underbelly.

Offering a mix of music, games and silliness for 6-12 year olds, Fun Kids began broadcasting digitally seven years ago, and now has thousands of weekly listeners. In the interactive show, the audience helping save presenters Bex Lindsay and Dan Simpson from being fired.

The Fun Kids Radio presenters need the audience’s help to keep the station on air and to make the best radio road show ever. But everything seems to be going wrong. They desperately need to make it work because if they don’t the big bosses won’t be happy.

As the action unfolds the audience have to do the sound effects for the news, children appear on stage to help write a story (that our hero acts out), mums become real life Egyptian mummies and one audience member becomes a Paxman-style interviewer... with a parent as interviewee.

Energetic, ridiculous and hysterical, expect games, silliness and loads of laughs combined with mischievous fun.

And if you want more of the same after the show is over, Fun Kids will be broadcasting daily from The Fringe, after the show each day, so children up and down the country will get a little taste of what the biggest arts festival in the world has to offer.

Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure, Underbelly, Bristo Square, until 27 August, 1.15pm, £10-£11, 0131-226 0000 (Suitable age 3-14)