Eddie Izzard? Fringe favourite Larry’s a fan

Larry Dean
Larry Dean
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THERE’s been a buzz about Larry Dean since he made his Fringe debut back in 2015.

As he returns to the Capital in Fandan, at the Monkey Barrel Comedy Club, he reveals how his comedy was influenced by Eddie Izzard.

“ONE of my favourite things about the Fringe is getting to gig in the same place everyday for a month. A couple of years ago though, I found myself doing a bit of travelling.

“The Fringe had just started. I’d just come up from London to do my first show, when, the next day, I travelled back down to Southsea for a single gig, before returning to Edinburgh - a 1200 mile round trip.

“I’d repeat it if I was booked to support Eddie Izzard again.

“When first contacted about the gig, my agent warned, ‘This probably won’t happen, he doesn’t usually use tour supports… I’ll let your Edinburgh promoter know but don’t get your hopes up’.

“I was excited but figured she was right.

“I don’t think many comedians can say they haven’t been influenced by Eddie in some way. His surreal style may not be something all comedians have taken to copying, but his confidence and ability to do his own thing, that’s undeniably something we all aim for.

Anyway, the gig went ahead and I did 20 minutes in front of 2,000 of Eddie’s fans.

“They say never meet your heroes, but Eddie was an absolute gent. When I came backstage and he said ‘Good job’, it made my year.

“As I left to get the overnight train back to the Fringe, I turned on my phone and saw a text from my Edinburgh promoter: ‘Larry, where are you?!!!’

I guess my agent really didn’t think it was going to happen.

Larry Dean: Fandan, Monkey Barrel, Blair St, until 27 Aug, 6.40pm, £5, 0131-226 0000