Follow Nico into world of Willy Wonka

A World of 'Pure Imagination' at Six by Nico
A World of 'Pure Imagination' at Six by Nico
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SIX by Nico has revealed the theme of its next menu. As a kid, did you ever dream of ediwble wallpaper or being able to swim in a river of chocolate?

Of course you did, Willy Wonka captured the imagination of generations.

Now, Six by Nico will do the very same, bringing childhood confectionery dreams to life in a culinary feast.

Following their inaugural six weeks on Hanover Street celebrating the traditional Chippie, the new theme for the second menu, running from 15 May to 24 June, is A World of Pure Imagination.

Chef Nico Simeone and his team invite guests to re-live their childhood fantasies by entering the wonderful world of Roald Dahl with a new six course tasting menu that includes a Reverse cheese board, duck sweetie jar, beetroot dib dab, and cod blackjack with Shetland squid, liquorice and cauliflower.

There’s also cornfed chicken with chorizo popcorn, candied olive and mole poblano sauce and, of course, a dessert made famous by the movie, The Wonka Bar with Cherry Parfait and Peanut butter Cheesecake.

And it wouldn’t be a Willy Wonka experience without unwrapping a golden ticket - six lucky winning tickets are to be found inside Nico’s Wonka Bar dessert.

Simeone says, “While we don’t have a goose that lays gold chocolate eggs, the team are very excited to create some magical culinary dishes to provoke memories of the movie.”

Book now at, £28 per person.