Fringe performer reunites lost toy rabbit with little girl

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A BIG-HEARTED Fringe perfomer has reunited a little girl with her lost toy rabbit after it was left at a Capital tram stop.

Comedian Alex Hylton used the power of social media to track down the owner of the pink and white soft toy after finding it late on Tuesday night.

The owner has now come forward.

The owner has now come forward.

He said: “The toy caught my eye as I was walking past. It was so sad and lonely sitting at the end of the tram stop. Everyone was just walking past and no-one seemed to care and I got sentimental and picked it up.”

The traumatic childhood loss of his own beloved pink fluffy teddy bear meant that Alex, 22, was determined that the owner of the rabbit, who he named Ed after the city in which he was found, would not suffer as he had.

He said: “I lost my teddy bear when I was four and my whole world fell apart. Thankfully he was only gone briefly before someone did the exact same thing I have and got it back to me. That was a game changer for me and I wanted to do it for someone else.”

With a large Twitter following and a network of friends in the city thanks to his 
comedy career, Alex decided to put out a plea on the social media platform.

The rabbit was found at an Edinburgh tram stop.

The rabbit was found at an Edinburgh tram stop.

He wrote: “Is there anything more heartbreaking than this little guy left behind at Edinburgh Princes Street tram stop? I’m at Edinburgh Fringe for the full month – he’s gonna be hanging out with me until I can find the owner. Can we find them?”

Within hours the tweet had been shared more than a thousand times and hundreds of people had liked it.

Alex, whose show Everybody’s Different and I’m the Same runs until the end of August, soon bonded with the bunny, taking him to the pub with pals, enjoying a barbecue and a spot of camping with him and handing out flyers on the Royal Mile. Ed has even appeared on stage with Alex and went down a storm.

He said: “I decided to take Ed on loads of adventures – we’ve hung out and had a beer and he was very helpful flyering and selling tickets for my show.”

Just hours later the rabbit’s owner was located after mum Lindsay Letissier from Glasgow found Alex’s updates on the toy’s adventures. On discovering Ed was in fact Flopsy who belonged to Lindsay’s two-year-old daughter, Alex was delighted that the power of social media had brought them back together.

He said: “Lots of people were replying to the tweets that it didn’t matter and that there were other things to worry about in the world. Social media gets a lot of stick but the fact so many people got involved to help a little girl is very sweet – it shows people have a nice side too.”

And just like Alex’s childhood companion, who still takes pride of place at the end of the comedian’s bed, Flopsy will soon be back in the arms of his owner – but he will be missed by his temporary foster carer.

Alex said: “Flopsy is someone I will never forget. I will miss him very much but he will be with me forever in my heart.”