Hiss and boo and cheers too as EPT head up the beanstalk with Jack

EPT in Jack and the Beanstalk: Scarlett Massie, Alistair Brown, Mags Swan, Derek Ward
EPT in Jack and the Beanstalk: Scarlett Massie, Alistair Brown, Mags Swan, Derek Ward
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EDINBURGH People’s Theatre are renowned for their fun, family pantomimes.

In the best age-old traditions, they always have a thigh slapping principal boy, who’s a girl, and an outrageous dame, who’s a man, together with baddies to boo and a fairy who casts magic spells and makes things right.

This year is no exception as EPT celebrate their 66th consecutive year of pantomimes with an old favourite, Jack & The Beanstalk, by Alan P Frayn.

Director Mandy Black says,” Fee Fi Fo Fum. There’s enormous fun in store for everyone... except the poor villagers of Old Windy Bottom, one of Edinburgh’s lesser known suburbs.

“They, along with our hero Jack, his mum Dotty Dimple, his brother Simple Simon and Buttermilk, their beloved cow, live in constant fear of Buster Gut-Bucket, the Giant, who lives in his castle above them in the sky and who was magically created by the evil witch Piccalilli.

“Hearing the Giant has raised taxes once again, King Crumble the Umpteenth and Queen Apricot decide enough is enough and offer a reward for getting rid of the giant.

Will Jack take this chance to impress the girl of his dreams, Princess Charlotte?

Will Snatchet and Scarper, the hapless henchmen, ever regret siding with evil by working for Rancid the Ratman and the Witch?

Will Simon get a good price at market for Buttermilk?

If only there was a way for Jack to reach the castle in the sky - perhaps Fairy Sugardust may have an idea? Find out at The Church Hill Theatre next week where the cast includes Scarlett Massie as Jack, Alistair Brown as King Crumble, Mags Swan as Queen Apricot and Derek Ward as Dame Dotty Dimple.

They are joined by Graham Bell as Rancid the Ratman, Carol Bryce as Scarper, Stephanie Hammond as Snatchet, Peter Morrison as Simple Simon Dimple, Lynsey Spence as Princess Charlotte and Carol Caldwell and Kelly Simmonds as Buttermilk the cow.

So, head along to The Church Hill and get ready to boo and cheer to your heart’s delight at a festive season treat for the whole family. With many performances already sold out book now for the remaining ones listed here...

Jack & the Beanstalk, Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road, 15 December, 7pm, 16 December 11am, 19 December, 7pm, 20 December, 7pm, 21 December, 7pm, 22 December, 7pm , £12 and £10 (concession), or £9.50 (group rate each for parties of 10+) are available from 0333-666 3366 or online at www.ept.org.uk/boxoffice