It’s a kind of magic at Mary King’s Close

Condemned, Mary King's Close
Condemned, Mary King's Close
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ARE you ready to be condemned?

Due to phenomenal demand, The Real Mary King’s Close have added an extra date of their popular Condemned tour, which has already sold out every date of its run.

On Thursday 26 October, for one night only, there’s a final chance to decide who you will believe and who will you condemn?

For centuries the people of Scotland have been fascinated with magic, witchcraft and sorcery. The lives of those who are believed to have cavorted with the devil were often cut short or hidden in the shadows, mystery engulfing their stories and keeping their deepest darkest secrets hidden... until now!

For one final time, guests will be given the opportunity to join a character guide and travel back to a time when Mary King’s Close was open to the skies.

Fear and suspicion lurked around every corner, and witch trials were a regular occurrence.

Discover how the inhabitants of the Close and the surrounding streets were implicated in witchcraft and the fate that befell them.

Tonight’s late night tour will start at 10.15pm and offer a unique insight into the Capital’s fascinating history with the occult, telling the stories of its infamous accomplices and most ardent opponents and documenting how, over time, attitudes changed.

Tour creator Keith Baxter says, “Condemned offers a different insight into the history of Mary King’s Close, exploring Edinburgh’s historic fear of the unknown; where it originated and how it came to be a part of everyday life.

“With this tour we wanted to dispel the myths and tell the real history of the occult in Scotland.”

Condemned, Real Mary King’s Close, Royal Mile, Thursday 26 October, 22.15pm, £16.95, advance booking recommended, 0131-225 0672