Jamie Neish: Hollywood’s homophobia

Kevin Hart as Darnell Lewis.Pic: PA
Kevin Hart as Darnell Lewis.Pic: PA
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GET Hard, starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, opens in UK cinemas this week... only it’s not a comedy. It’s a feature length tirade of homophobic abuse.

The film may as well not have a narrative, for it spends most of its running time poking fun at homosexuals, homosexual relationships and sex.

It’s a damn shame is what it is. Will Ferrell is a talented comedic performer, having proved his worth in films such as Anchorman and The LEGO Movie.

But recently, Hollywood comedies have settled into a trend where gay jokes have somehow become acceptable, and it’s wrong.

I appreciate comedy as much as the next person and understand the basic rules of telling jokes, but there’s a thin line between what’s funny and what’s unacceptable, and more and more films these days - predominantly Hollywood ones - seem to be crossing the line without much care for who they might be offending.

The film centres on a wrongly convicted millionaire (Ferrell) getting toughened up by his car washer (Kevin Hart) before he enters prison.

But he’s not getting toughened up for any other reason than, and this is where I loosely quote the film, “you can’t be in prison without becoming another man’s bitch.”

From here, the film descends further, with one crass gay joke after another, all playing into gay panic and how two men in a film can’t have a relationship - friendship or otherwise - without it resulting in sex.

It’s insulting and wrong. Directors are shot down time and again for misogyny, racial stereotyping, but somehow it’s become acceptable for films to attack gay people.

Having seen Get Hard and films like Big Daddy and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, I’m calling for an end to it as it’s become too much.