Jamie Neish: Pixar breaks new ground in Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur
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THE other night, Pixar released the trailer for their next animated feature The Good Dinosaur, and it contained some of the most photo realistic CGI ever seen.

Concerning the relationship between a dinosaur and a boy, The Good Dinosaur examines what would have happened had the meteor that wiped out the Earth’s prehistoric population not made contact.

Judging by the trailer, yet more technological leaps have been achieved in advancing the capabilities of CGI in fashioning realistic landscapes and characters without the involvement of any physical elements.

In its two and a half minute running time, the trailer has the power to drop the mouth as water, land, sky and human skin appear as if real to touch, only they aren’t. All of them have been created by animators and computers.

It’s another step forward for CGI. Earlier this year, Paul Walker’s brothers were used in CGI techniques to resemble their deceased brother for Fast and Furious 7 - Paul died in a car accident mid-shoot.

The results were flawless. The scenes which Paul shot and the ones he didn’t were almost impossible to tell apart, the skilled people at WETA handling the difficult situation with care and paying homage to a fine actor.

CGI has been used in small ways for years, but it’s constantly developing to allow filmmakers to do such impressive things as digitally erase Marion Cotillard’s legs in Rust & Bone, for example.

But with The Good Dinosaur, Pixar seem to have done what many thought was near-impossible, create photo realist imagery.

To watch even the trailer for an animated feature and be awestruck by the effects is something, so it’s hugely exciting to dream of what wonders the whole thing will bring.