Jazz and Blues Festival brings thrills from Brussels to the Capital

Les Violons de Bruxelles
Les Violons de Bruxelles
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Belgium has played a key role in jazz history.

The iconic saxophone was the Belgian Adolphe Sax’s invention and Django Reinhardt, the Belgian guitarist, was the first non-American, to become a major international jazz star. He also, almost singlehandedly created the European jazz style gypsy swing.

From Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 February, the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival presents Thrill, 11 concerts highlighting the best of the new Brussels jazz scene, at The Queen’s Hall, Jazz Bar, St Brides Centre and on the High Street.

Thrill kicks off with an international Gypsy Swing double bill featuring Les Violons de Bruxelles and Rose Room.

The programme also includes double headers, with Strata and Antoine Pierre Urbex.

For full listings visit www.thrill.brussels