Journey’s end or the course of true love?

Tom Grace as Stanhope in Journey's End
Tom Grace as Stanhope in Journey's End
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Two very different pieces of theatre tour to Musselburgh’s Brunton Theatre next week - Immersion Theatre’s production of Journey’s End, directed by James Tobias on Wednesday, and Fire Exit’s The Course of True Love, the latest work from award-winning playwright David Leddy, on Friday.

In the first, it is March 1918. Welcome to the war to end all wars.

Anxiety builds in Captain Stanhope’s claustrophobic dugout as his battalion faces the threat of an imminent German attack.

As final orders are received, Stanhope must stir his men to overcome the uncertainty of the unknown, make the ultimate sacrifice and prepare to go over the top in a truly heart wrenching climax.

Based on RC Sherriff’s personal experiences in the trenches during the Great War, Journey’s End is a harrowing insight into the humanity, courage, valour, humour and inescapable tragedy of war.

Leading the company, and playing to great reviews, Tom Grace plays Stanhope, with Matt Ray Brown as Osborne and Rory Fairbairn as Raleigh.

Two days later, the award-winning Fire Exit theatre company check into The Brunton with Leddy’s The Course of True Love.

Celia and Oliver are in the world’s most expensive hotel, drunk on the world’s most expensive champagne.

It’s not good. They have 30 minutes to make up their minds about a risky proposal that could tear their lives apart.

A powerful politician waits downstairs for their decision. Will they retreat to the daily disillusionment of running a failing charity?

Or will they find the courage to reveal their true feelings and speak truth to power?

Both productions start at 7.30pm with tickets available from The Brunton box office 0131-665 2240