Karen Koren: Anniversary celebrations take to TV

Picture: Contributed
Picture: Contributed
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I HAD an enjoyable time appearing on local television the other day. As it’s our 30th anniversary this year, there is more interest in the history of the Gilded Balloon... so many performers have trodden our boards, it’s ridiculous.

I remember going into the supermarket a couple of years ago and looking at a carousel of comedy DVDs - 18 out of the 20 comedians on display had either performed or started their careers at the Gilded Balloon.

So, the other day I was summoned to be on STV Edinburgh. I thought I would be nervous, but just felt a little apprehensive.

The programme was The Fountainbridge Show, and the presenters were so young... or maybe its just me that’s old!

I met the very charming presenters, George Ward and Hayley Matthews (pictured), who were sitting on an unusually small Chesterfield sofa. I sat on an equally small sofa at right angles to them.

They were fun and very casual, which put me at my ease. I was curious as to why George was wearing glasses as when I had met him earlier he had not been – I discovered they allowed him to read the autocue.

There were lots of questions about our anniversary gala, which has 21 confirmed performers, including Gary Tank Commander, Johnny Vegas, Jason Byrne.... I then more or less went blank, not having the benefit of autocue myself.

George broke in with Ross Noble, but Ross has had to pull out due to family commitments, but will be sending us a video message – which, though disappointing, is better than just not being there.

George then asked me what makes a good comic. I replied making people laugh and he proceeded to try to tell a joke... failing miserably as he botched it up.

So he will not be joining the many new comics that will be appearing in So You Think You’re Funny? this year!