Karen Koren: Cool Cat Laughs in Kilkenny

Ardal O'Hanlon. Pic: Comp
Ardal O'Hanlon. Pic: Comp
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JUST arrived back from a weekend in Kilkenny at the Cat Laughs Festival, known as the comics’ festival. Had a great time, except for the appalling weather - it rained and it rained! Where is our summer?

Otherwise, I had a brilliant weekend, hanging out with the comics. Fred Macaulay and Mrs Macaulay were there and I always enjoy their company. We have become ‘the older’ attendees, along with the likes of Dom Irrera, Rich Hall and Mike Wilmot, who is half the size he was having lost seven stones, incredibly, and he does not refer to it at all in his routine.

Jack Dee is also somewhat of an elder statesman of the comedy world. He was showing the young ones how effortlessly he does stand-up. He also performed his Help Desk Show, which was interesting, with guests such as David O’Docherty, Romesh Ranganthan, James Acaster, and Fred and Rich.

Not very good dilemmas suggested by the audience. However, the guys made what they were given into good comedy.

Aisling Bea was also there. She is an absolute star in the making and is one of our fastest selling Fringe shows at the Gilded Balloon. Another really good girl comic was American Beth Stelling, who is going to come to the Fringe next year.

The lovely Ardal O’Hanlon, pictured, is considering coming over in 2016 too. He first started doing stand-up a year before he got the job on Father Ted and he appeared that year at the Gilded Balloon - must be 20 years ago now. He sold out in minutes.

He thought he wasn’t ready to become so big so quickly. Now, though, he is certainly one of the best.

The last show I saw over the weekend was Jason Byrne, who got a standing ovation because he found a jockey in the audience and proceeded to get him to ride on his back, much to hysterical laughter.

Kilkenny Cat Laughs is just the best for a good laugh.