Karen Koren: Make my Xmas - and win a prize

Bec Hill. Pic: Comp
Bec Hill. Pic: Comp
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SHALL I send a Christmas card this year or just send seasonal greetings through social media? There is something satisfying and personal about sending and receiving a Christmas card. It means the person who is sending it to you is thinking of you. It is the one time of year when we do think of people who live far away, or we have lost touch with.

I think it is a tradition that I would like to keep. The social network definitely is a great way to share photographs and to hear news from friends and family far away. With a Christmas card, though, there is much more thought and effort put into hand writing and sending it through the post.

There is the increasingly high cost of postage to consider, of course, and whether or not you can actually be bothered hand writing lots of cards. Then you have to decide what kind of card to send.

In the case of the Gilded Balloon, we have to choose a design - can we make it witty so that people smile or actually laugh when they open it. That is what I would like to happen when the recipient opens my card.

This year, I am absolutely stumped for a design idea that is going to have the desired affect. Last year we had a great cartoon drawn by one of our regular comics Bec Hill, (pictured) of a deer dressed in a David Bowie outfit, with the title Deer-vid Bowie.

Inside it said, ‘Because Staggy Stardust didn’t sound right’. Not hugely funny, but different enough. Not quite so easy this year, for some reason.

You would think that knowing and talking to as many comics as I do, that it would be simple. Unfortunately, a winter landscape with twinkly lights or cheery Santa is not enough for a business that makes its name from comedy.

It is our 30th anniversary coming up in 2015 too, so it has to be even funnier or wittier than ever before.

The first person to contact me with a funny idea will get a season ticket to our Gilded Balloon shows in 2015.