Karen Koren: These guys tickle your Funny Bones

Funny Bones. Pic: Comp
Funny Bones. Pic: Comp
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WE open tomorrow and everyone at the Gilded Balloon and EUSA (who run Teviot Row House Students Union all year around), is extremely busy applying the finishing touches.

Teviot Row House becomes the Gilded Balloon for the month and we equip ten spaces as theatres. These have been ready since the weekend with performers rehearsing in their chosen spaces.

It’s the ‘salad dressing’ that is the last part of the setting up, where we try to make everything look pretty for the audiences who will arrive in their droves from tomorrow.

The first shows in the morning are children’s shows Arabian Nights by Story Pocket Theatre and the very cute Pischi, The Kitten with Dreams. A heart-warming children’s show, it’s perfect for youngsters.

Also there’s the talented Funny Bones, Japanese and Liverpudlian street performers who get together to make giant puppets. They won the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Comedy this spring - a great show for families.

On Sunday afternoon I watched a dress rehearsal of Willie and Sebastian, written by Ian Pattison, and performed by Andy Gray who plays Willie Donaldson and Grant Stott as Sebastian Horsley. It is about Willie and Sebastian’s relationship with the same girl, Rachel, who is played beautifully by Michele Gallagher.

I was a little apprehensive to see the full play as they do not pull any punches when it comes to the dialogue, which is clever and funny

Andy’s acting is superb, he handles the text brilliantly and brings out comedy where you thought there was none.

This is also a very challenging play for Grant, who is a good actor, though has to work harder at it than Andy. Grant plays a dandy and his costume is absolutely amazing. I think the audiences are going to be surprised with this piece that is as far away from pantomime as I think it can go.

Here we go again – let the greatest arts festival in the world begin.