Marvel enthusiasts to imitate Avengers scenes in Edinburgh filming locations

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SUPERHERO superfans will assemble in Edinburgh to recreate scenes filmed in the Capital – the only filming location outside the US studio used to create the third Avengers blockbuster.

Ahead of the movie’s official UK release on April 26 Marvel-mad fans will don costumes resembling the iconic characters and re-enact action moments leaked from Avengers: Infinity War.

Fans are to visit locations filmed in Edinburgh

Fans are to visit locations filmed in Edinburgh

The city-wide photo shoot will feature more than 20 characters including Paul Bettany’s Vision, Thanos (played by) Josh Brolin and Captain America (Chris Evans).

Known as Tiny Tigress Cosplay, Edinburgh-based artist Louise Saul organised the event.

Passionate about comics and video games, she progressed from childhood classics such as the Beano and Dandy to a Marvel enthusiast.

And fresh from the red 
carpet of the film’s preview event in London, Louise has brought together a squad of fellow Avengers aficionados who will piece together the Edinburgh scenes for a photoshoot.

Dressed as Elizabeth Olsen’s spellbinding character Scarlet Witch, Louise and the assembled troupe, from all over the UK, will hit locations at Cockburn Street, Royal Mile, Waverley Station, Princes Street Gardens and Calton Hill.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Louise said. “A group of Marvel fans who have met at different conventions will come together, each dressed as a different character and we plan to re-create clips from the trailers in the same locations around Edinburgh.

“It’s going to be brilliant. I’m a huge Marvel fan and can’t wait to see the movie.”

And tonight, Avengers hype will reach fever pitch as a sneak peek of the final cut will be shown to hundreds of lucky viewers.

Tickets for the exclusive event sold out in two hours.

But in a Steve Rogers-to-Captain America style transformation, Evening News reader Kate Little has had her planned Tuesday night turned into an Avengers adventure by scoring two tickets to the event.

In just 12 hours, hundreds of eager film buffs entered to win a chance to the private screening of the exclusive footage from the upcoming movie.

And as the curtain is set to open on the most anticipated Avengers movie, fresh from a similar screening in London, Olsen and ­Bettany are reported to be heading to the city. Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) also attended the London event.

Co-director Joe Russo is also said to be confirmed for a return to Edinburgh, in which fans will be able to see opening sequences of the film, rumoured to feature the Capital.