New book logs agony of Vicky Hamilton’s family

Vicky Hamilton. Picture: PA/STV
Vicky Hamilton. Picture: PA/STV
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TEENAGE murder victim Vicky Hamilton’s stepmum has told how her family struggled to cope during the 16 years she was missing.

Vicky disappeared after last being seen alive at a bus stop in Bathgate in 1991 as she made her way home following a visit to her sister.

Her remains were eventually found in the Margate garden of serial killer Peter Tobin in 2007 after he was convicted of murdering Polish student Angelika Kluk, 23, in Glasgow.

Tobin was later convicted of Vicky’s murder as well as that of 18-year-old Dinah 
McNicol, whose remains were also uncovered by police searching the garden.

Christine Hamilton, 53, is now set to tell the story of the torment suffered by the family, including Vicky’s dad Michael, in a new book.

She said: “The book is about how evil Tobin is and how Mike and I tried to cope through the years because of what he did.

“It tells how much Vicky meant to him and reveals the heartache of going through the court cases.

“Vicky was the love of Mike’s life – she was his wee girl. After she went missing he would sit listening to music and crying.”

Christine began to document her thoughts and feelings in the weeks after the teenager vanished as she waited for a bus home to Falkirk, where she lived with mother Janette, Michael’s first wife.

In the book, she tells how Michael struggled to control his feelings as he grew frustrated at the lack of news.

She said: “There were some arguments in the house. A couple of times I walked out. Something would come on the TV, such as a film, that would put that spark into Mike. One time he put his fist right through a glass coffee table.

“Another time my son came down the stairs when the two of us were having a heated argument. He was only six.

“The next thing we knew police were at the door. It turned out our son had phoned them from the bedroom. The officers understood once I told them what had happened.”

Christine is now seeking a publisher for the book. She said: “I was just writing bits at a time about our family’s struggle. I didn’t want to forget anything that was happening.”