Preview: Becoming Frankenstein

Lindel Hart as Frankenstein
Lindel Hart as Frankenstein
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EVERY evening, actor Lindel Hart undergoes a transformation. It’s one that started even before he left his native US, when in preparation for his Fringe season, he had his head shaved.

Hart plays The Creature in Old Deerfield Productions’ reworking of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, at the Greenside Forest Theatre, Infirmary Street.

Adapted by Hart, and directed by Linda McInerney, this new stage version focuses on Shelley’s mythical creature and his relationship with Victor Frankenstein, his creator.

From birth, through rejection by ‘his father’, abuse and mounting rage, the emotional journey of The Creature unfolds.

McInerney says, “This is a wild story that takes the audience on an unforgettable roller-coaster ride through the life experience of the Creature.”

She adds, “By highlighting the prescience of Shelley’s novel, we hope to further the process of changing our story from one that sanctions dominance over nature, to a new story of an interconnectedness that allows the human race to thrive in a respectful relationship with the planet”.

For Hart, preparing for the role starts an hour and a half before he steps on the stage.

McInerney explains, “We begin with a base coat on Lindel’s entire body which is a mixed grey green colour. We apply the makeup with a wide artists brush and get into all his nooks and crannies.

“We then apply a coat of Electric blue to his face and to parts of his legs and arms. Then we powder his whole body to make sure it sets.

“Three layers of red are applied next to his heart. Then we apply this sparkling powder in blue and red to the metallic and heart parts.

“Contouring and bruising are then added. Each of those applications has three layers.

“Bruises have green, dark green and brown. And contours have brown, deeper brown and darkest brown every where that he has a skeletal contour.

“Finally, scars are applied. There is one at the top of his head, one straight down his back, several on other parts of his body.”

One things for certain, you’ll recognise Hart if you meet him flyering on the Royal Mile.

Frankenstein, Greenside Forest Theatre, Infirmary Street, until 22 August, 6.25pm, £10, 0131-226 0000