Preview: Elephant

Sarah Callaghan
Sarah Callaghan
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THIS will be my sixth year doing the Fringe but it will be my debut hour.

First time here I did 10 minutes a day. So lazy. Another year I performed to two people and a dog. I love dogs, but they don’t make good audience members. This one fell asleep half way through the show, just as it was peaking.

I’ve also performed in a place where two ducks walked in, which was pretty random. Come to think of it, over all the years I’ve done Edinburgh I have played to more animals than humans, but that’s late-night free gigs for you.

So the last couple of years have been productive for me, working hard, putting more time into gigging and getting this debut hour show together. The dream is for one day my entire audience to each have a maximum for two legs.

I’m very passionate about my new show. I’m talking about subjects that mean a lot to me, smalls worlds and breaking free from the walls that surround us.

Hopefully issues that people can relate to from various ages and backgrounds, but most importantly there are tonnes of good jokes in there as that’s what its all about, innit.

I did the show on the Brighton Fringe this year (where it was nominated for best show, gotta chuck that in there!) and it was great to see so many different ages enjoying it - and no animals.

So I’m hoping for - if not expecting - a great month where loads of people from 18 to 118 come to see my show... but no cats, dogs and ducks. And people aged 119.

That said, comedy for kids has been done, maybe comedy for animals could be next.

Elephant, Pleasance Courtyard, until 30 August, 5.50pm, £11-£12, 0131-226 0000