Rebus author Ian Rankin’s firm now worth £2.4m, new figures reveal

Author Ian Rankin. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Author Ian Rankin. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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REBUS author Ian Rankin has boosted the value of his personal company to more than £2.4 million, new figures have revealed.

The Scots writer saw the coffers of his firm increase as royalties rolled in from his books on the hard-bitten Edinburgh detective.

New figures from John Rebus Ltd, named in honour of his famous creation, show that it had net assets of £2.4m and made a profit of around £1m for the 12 months up to April 2018.

The accounts, which have just been filed at Companies House, reveal Rankin, 58, has an investment portfolio worth almost £1.5m.

The firm is valued at £2,418,025 in the accounts – more than £700,000 up on the previous year’s figure of £1,695,267.

The accounts also revealed Rankin continues to give away large chunks of his earnings to good causes. He donated £100,000 to a charitable trust which he and wife Miranda Harvey set up 11 years ago to fund projects at home and abroad.

The trust has helped health, art and educational charities in the past with Rankin regularly handing over lump sum payments.

He donated £425,000 in the previous year and has given more than £1m of his company earnings to the trust over the last five years. Rankin, of Edinburgh, set up John Rebus Ltd in 2001 to channel his earnings from his books. The Fife-born writer is a director of the company along with his wife.

Rankin has previously told how he sometimes regretted setting up the company as it took up a lot of his time.

He said: “I possibly thought that becoming a limited company wasn’t a great idea.

“My accountant persuaded me to go down that route. It is fine but it means more meetings, more bureaucracy, more rigmarole, and more papers to fill in.”

The author has rejected claims his personal wealth is around £25m.

He added: “Where do they get their figures from? I have no idea where they get that figure. I doubt I am worth even half of that.

“It took a good 12-14 years, and many books, before the money became a happy factor of my writing career.

“If you think, my first novel was published back in 1986 and for that I had been given an advance of the grand sum of £200. I was pretty much 40 or in my early-40s before I earned my first million.”

The 22nd Rebus novel, called In A House Of Lies, was published earlier this year. A new television series featuring the detective is also being planned.