Relax Kids offers chill out zone for the little ones

Restoration Yard  relaxation and positivity classes for children
Restoration Yard relaxation and positivity classes for children
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WELLBEING Lab at Restoration Yard is offering kids the chance to enjoy a more chilled-out time this Wednesday and Friday.

While the two-week Easter school holiday tends to conjure up images of children guzzling chocolate and running off their bags of energy, the team at the Wellbeing Lab have lined up something far more relaxing, unique relaxation and positivity classes run by Relax Kids Midlothian.

Incorporating dance, movement games, simple stretches, breathing exercises, self-massage, positive affirmation exercises and more, the classes take children through a seven-step process, from high energy to low energy.

Starting with movement and working through stages including play, stretch, feel, breath and believe, kids will round off the session in the relax stage – with each step encouraging calmness, confidence and positivity as well as creativity and imagination.

A Chill Skills session on Friday has also been created for slightly older children, from P6 to S2.

Jen Wood, manager of the Wellbeing Lab at Restoration Yard, says, “Relax Kids Midlothian is bringing something really different to Restoration Yard for the Easter break.

“We normally focus on relaxation and wellbeing for adults, but similar sessions are really beneficial for children.

“The aim is to allow creativity and imagination to flow, while teaching the children new skills that they can use to ensure they keep calm and feel more confident – whether it’s at home or at school.”

Relax Kids classes cost £12 per session, with discounts available for siblings and block bookings.

For more information on the sessions or to book, visit