Review: A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing

Aoife Duffin, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing
Aoife Duffin, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing
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A MOIOLOGUE about cancer, child abuse and death isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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Traverse, Cambridge Street

But if you can stomach an hour and 25 minutes of this, you’ll be rewarded with a lyrical, poetic script and an outstanding performance.

The set is sparce, reinforcing the idea that this is one girl against the world.

Lights and sound build the sense of foreboding. But despite a complete absence of accessories and clad only in a pair of pyjamas, Aoife Duffin’s performance is majestic. Duffin starts out representing a mother with one child and another on the way, abandoned by her husband.

She then becomes her daughter as she grows up alongside a myriad of characters that stray through her days - boisterous, brutal, brave and vulnerable by turns.

The script is the other star of the show. A waterfall of words, handled with aplomb by Duffin, exposes the things we rarely talk about in harrowing detail.

Until August 30