Review: A Little Respect

A Little Respect
A Little Respect
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IT’S all a bit Breakfast Club, lunchtimes at the Surgeon’s Hall, with a sweet little play that’s ideal fare for parents to see with their teenagers - especially if the lines of communication between you are clogged.

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The Space, Surgeons’ Hall

Don’t go by the brochure description, though. This isn’t sexy nor is it a thriller and it is definitely not ‘revolutionary and trailblazing theatre.’

It doesn’t need to be.

Despite erring on the side of overly earnest, the show is brisk and funny, and makes its points with just enough sarcasm to keep it engaging. There are even songs.

The scene is a middle class Brighton school where a collection of misfits, each representing a different way of being different (though not the ethnic minorities) gathers to partake of a mentoring scheme.

The school bully is quickly identified, and as his already menacing behaviour escalates, a scheme is hatched to foil, humble, and rehabilitate him. Will it work? No spoilers here.

Hungry Wolf is a youth theatre employing actors aged 16-21 and they’re a really winning bunch of kids. Even though the characters as written aren’t terribly imaginative, this troupe will have you rooting for them in no time.

Until August 22