Review: Allie

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MORE Irvine Welsh-inspired dark comedy and violence from Edinburgh’s Ruaraidh Murray.

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Gilded Balloon, Teviot

This time round, the local actor-writer plays local bam and wannabe gangster, Bobby Warren, who subjects his young partner, Allie (Megan Shandley), to a torrent of physical and mental abuse.

The excuses for Bobby’s sadistic attitude says a lot about people’s upbringing and their home environment. A topic cleverly explored here.

Referencing many old and familiar Capital locations (Buster Brown’s anyone?), the piece is heavily narrated making it sound like a script read-through, or the reading of chapters from a book. But it works.

The violence is very real, and fortunately for Allie, she’s not as daft as she seems. You’ll see just why if, and when, you see the show.

Despite Murray’s obsession with Irvine Welsh, Allie is a compelling show that plays upon the voyeur amongst us.

Both actors have the ‘Embra’ accent and lingo down pat (they are from Stockbridge and Barnton respectively).

And while it may translate best to those of us who have lived and grown up in Edinburgh, the writing and acting quality ensures Allie crosses over to all who like to view such strong issues from a safe distance.

Until 31 August