Review: Andrew Lawrence - Uncensored

Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence
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SPEAKING your mind used to be the norm for stand-up comedians, it was part of the attraction of the job and along with the desire to make people laugh, claims Lawrence, it’s why he got into the business in the first place. And on this form, thank goodness he did.

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Assembly Roxy, Roxburgh Place

At just 35, he can’t officially claim to be a grumpy old man just yet, but the ability to pack as many gripes into a one-hour set must give him a head start.

Using Lawrence’s downbeat and depressive (his words) style of delivery, he cleverly whines on about a range of issues. Immigration, political correctness, the NHS and the inner workings of the BBC are all covered. As is a very public social media spat he recently had with some comedy colleagues from across the political divide.

He bemoans his contemporaries who have gone on to fame, fortune and the ‘safe’ conveyor belt of TV panel shows. Lawrence says its not for him, although in the event of a lucrative offer, ‘I’m not an idiot’ is his response.

Trampling over the usual taboos, he is, as the show title suggests Uncensored, but all the better for it.

Until 30 August