Review: Angela Barnes - Come As You Are

Angela Barnes
Angela Barnes
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IF there is one thing in her life that Angela Barnes has not been happy with, it’s her appearance.

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Pleasance Courtyard

From an early age Barnes had never considered herself a naturally attractive person, quite the opposite in fact.

Now in her mid thirties and beginning to feel a bit more comfy in her own skin, Barnes, who is often described as ‘self deprecating’ (she’s happy enough with that), brings her story up to date, and providing the laughs at her own expense.

Her instantly likeable and chatty style, give the audience a sense of ease,as she leads us anecdotally through, online dating, sleepwalking, the inability to dance and just how the theme from The Archers can save lives.

There is a notable gear shift in the later stages of the 60 minute show, as Barnes examines more closely the whole perception of someone’s beauty and questions who actually has the right to decide anyway.

A newspaper article she wrote on the subject, coupled with a photoshopped image of herself, threw up a large response on Twitter, much of it unpleasant, most of it unsure.

It is Barnes’ response to this that closes a fascinating, revealing and very funny set.

Until August 30