Review: Aye Spy With Jody Greig

Jody Greig
Jody Greig
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SHAKEN not stirred, Jody Greig looks like he’s turned up at a fancy dress party sporting the James Bond look.

* * * *

Serenity Cafe, Jackson’s Close

A keen, unemployed spy – he undertook a spying course thanks to a Groupon voucher – the segments within his secret-service-themed magic routine is not unlike the many other tricksters, conjurers and mentalists trading their wares on the Fringe.

The only difference is the wallpaper. And that what we’re seeing is free (entry).

Which is a real shame. A handsome chap, Greig is very down-to-earth and engaging. Even his showpieces have more imagination applied to them than those accepting top dollar in the major venues.

OK, so the bright, non-atmospheric lighting of the Serenity Cafe doesn’t exactly help his cause much, but it says a lot about his ability to concentrate people’s attention despite limited production values.

Over the piece, Greig will spot the liars in the audience, partake in some lager-themed Russian Roulette and put himself in genuine harm’s way. Virtually everyone in the audience gets to participate, too.

It’s nice to see folk popping money in Greig’s donation box after the show. He deserves a paying audience.

Until August 30