Review: Barbu

Barbu - Cirque Alfonse'Pic: Andrei Kalamkarov
Barbu - Cirque Alfonse'Pic: Andrei Kalamkarov
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FOUR scantily clad, bearded men, two incredibly toned women and an electro band fronted by a man who looks like Freddie Mercury, from Montreal make up Cirque Alfonse.

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Underbelly, Middle Meadow Walk

They begin with a rollerskaing act, echoing a Britain’s Got Talent act from last year, as one of the girls flies off the floor while attached on to the male rollerskater’s beard, spinning in mid air.

Despite not being quite as graceful and clean cut as audiences may expect, they push physical boundaries by balancing three men on one’s arms and body - the physical strain is evident, which in some ways makes it more impressive.

Barbu also has a comedy element that weaves through the act, almost like a silent movie with slapstick moments.

The end is slightly anticlimatic as a member of the audience is selected through a raffle to win the unexpected prize of throwing a ‘custard’ pie at one of the cast.

Barbu stands apart from other circus acts with it’s traditional style. It’s a show with unexpected twists which is certain to get laughs, gasps and is a really good night out.

Until August 29