Review: Bear Hug

Bear Hug by Rory Mackenzie
Bear Hug by Rory Mackenzie
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THIS piece of new writing is about a case of mistaken sexuality at a Hallowe’en party.

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Paradise In The Vault, Merchant Street

Complete with meddling parents who come to spy, and best friends who can’t help but stick their nose in - the plot feels almost like a Shakespearean comedy in fancy dress.

The writing is fantastic and manages to appeal to all ages. Sharply scripted, each role is well acted by the six-strong cast.

The father was a particular standout who, although at first appearing a bit young for the role, quickly made it his own.

Director and designers deal with a very small space well, using two double-sided set pieces to create a bedroom and a living room by just turning them around.

Fast paced, a lot of the comedy comes from cutting between these two spaces, so it may work better in a bigger space where they could minimise the blackouts needed, as this sometimes interrupts the flow.

Still, this is well worth seeing.

A lovely light-hearted piece worth seeing.

Until 22 August