Review: Black Is The Colour Of My Voice

Apphia Campbell
Apphia Campbell
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APPHIA Campbell’s voice is the sort that inspires all the clichés about chills down your spine and hairs on the back of your neck.

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Gilded Balloon, Teviot

Campbell has put together far more than a jazz cabaret show here but the headline is that this girl can sing and some.

Black Is The Colour Of My Voice shows Mena Bordeaux in the difficult days following her father’s death. She remembers growing up with dreams of being the first black concert pianist, torn between her father’s ambition and her mother’s disapproval of the ‘devil’s music’ when she discovered jazz. She speaks of love and loss and her first encounter with the black rights movement which inspired her commitment to activism.

Inspired by Nina Simone, the songs are hers and Campbell delivers them with a soaring passion.

Until August 31