Review: Colin Cloud Kills

Colin Cloud
Colin Cloud
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COLIN Cloud is sitting pre-set, fully blindfolded and eerily motionless, as his audience file past him to take their seats for a much anticipated evening in the company of this popular mind reader.

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Pleasance Courtyard

A huge fan of Conan Doyle’s fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes, Cloud is about to explain his fascination with ‘locked door mysteries’ and culminate by exploring the possibilities of committing the perfect murder.

By way of a warm-up, though, he proceeds to put his incredible powers of deduction and thought capture into action as he astonishingly lists the home towns of eager volunteers after hearing a only simple “Hello” from each one.

He then remarkably reveals phone numbers, friends names and specific childhood memories previously written down by, and known only to, those involved. The gasps in the audience continue as three very unusual and randomly picked items are correctly identified by Cloud from behind his blindfold using only a little word association as a clue.

His candle-lit finale harks back to a Victorian era of mystical melodrama as he builds the tension and leaves his audience perfectly amazed and a little unsure of what they’ve just witnessed.

Until August 30