Review: Cosmonaut

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THE captivating comic story teller Ryan Good made a name for himself with his show Sex with Animals in 2013 and then again in 2014.

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Underbelly, Cowgate

This year he presents us with COSMOnaut, which is a comedic exploration of relationships and feminism through a modern bisexual man’s perspective.

The story is told through Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘Top 10 worst sex tips’.

This hour long, mostly one man, performance is also a tale of heartbreak and a pretty sound analysis of what we go through in the weeks and months that follow it.

Rocket man by Elton John plays as the audience takes their seats, setting the mood as Good emerges wearing a silver spandex spacesuit with a space helmet to match.

After a brief introduction to the show he selects a member of the audience to sit onstage with him to represent himself.

This an interesting take on the one-man show because we the audience are asked to view the both of them as one throughout.

He tells us at the beginning he wants the show to feel like a journey we are all part of, both artist and audience pass with flying colours as Good delivers just that experience.

Until 30 August