Review: Crash

Jamie Michie in Crash. Pic: Mihaela Bodlovic
Jamie Michie in Crash. Pic: Mihaela Bodlovic
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CRASH is a fast-paced, punchy production that keeps you guessing beyond the hour-long run time.

Traverse, Cambridge Street

A tale of a market trader, the title contains some clue as to the content. But this play is full of twists and turns - saying anything more would spoil the surprise - and grips throughout.

It’s a love letter to the unpredictability of high finance, a study of a man under pressure, a touching consideration of the consequences of grief and an exploration of the human capacity for coping, caring and not caring less.

This is a taut and elegant show. A sparse set with careful lighting and sound design build a sense of brooding menace.

Actor Jamie Michie delivers an incredibly accomplished performance, wringing every drop of bullish defiance and gentle pathos out of the script.

His study of a man struggling to cope is careful and considered and enthralling to watch.

Andy Duffy’s script is a delight.

Spare and pointed and at times, very funny (Toby, he says, “isn’t a great name for a spiritual instructor”).

This monologue takes you on a journey to a place you don’t expect and leaves you wanting more.

In the best possible way.

Until 30 August