Review: Curse of the Mummy

Curse of the Mummy
Curse of the Mummy
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A GAY Nazi, a game of bingo, a wedding, and a ‘real’ live camel... all crammed into an hour.

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Just The Tonic, Cowgate

It can only mean one thing, Sam Dunham, Jack Faires and Jack Gogarty, aka Last Chance Saloon, are back with another of their unique takes on classic horror movies of yesteryear, this time, it’s Curse of the Mummy that gets their spectacularly absurd treatment.

“We’re not doing stereotypes this year..” they affirm frequently. They are.

Consequently, when unwitting hero, Montana Jones, sets out on a quest to save the world, he must defeat his nemesis - General Dean Von Muller of Peebles University.

With elements of good old-fashioned music hall, slapstick, buffoonery, and moments of

Pythonesque surrealism, the cultural references come thick and fast, as does the audience participation.

From a Take Me Out parody to mash-ups of songs by The Bangles, Abba, Queen, Spandau Ballet, and even Darude, there’s more than a nod to the world of panto here.

All are welcomed with howls of laughter, never more so than during an inventive hot air balloon chase for which every expense has been spared.

So, if you like your comedy silly and surreal, check your political correctness in at the door a revel in this glorious, high energy mayhem that will have you rolling in the aisles.

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