Review: Cut

Cut, starring Hannah Norris
Cut, starring Hannah Norris
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FRESH from the Adelaide Festival where they won the Underbelly outstanding performance award, this show has a headline slot in the venue’s programme.

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Underbelly, George Square

Anyway, the audience gather anxiously in George Square before being taken on a ten-minute walk to a secret location.

Suddenly you find yourself in a compact, white room, uncomfortably close to your neighbour. When the ‘hostess’ tells you “if you leave you can’t return” the tension is so palpable you almost want to bolt.

It is from this uncomfortable position that you become enraptured by this one- woman journey. Hannah Norris’s ability to flicker from victim to predator in the blink off an eye truly sends shivers down the spine.

A woman is being stalked, or is she the predator, it’s never clear as the fragmented script leaves emotions tangled.

With the lights regularly plunging into darkness and the music making nerves jangle, this is not for the faint-hearted.

If you enjoy taking a step into the darkness, then this award winning show certainly delivers the chill factor.

Until 31 August