Review: Don’t Tell Him Pike

Don't Tell Him Pike - Ian Lavender. Pic: Comp
Don't Tell Him Pike - Ian Lavender. Pic: Comp
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AN apt title for what is essentially a fan convention appearance - it will come as no surprise to know that ‘stupid boy’ Ian Lavander talks extensively about his experience working on classic TV comedy Dad’s Army in his conversation with Steven McNicoll.

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We learn how the 68-year-old got into acting in the first place (a hint: girls). We also discover that the youngest cast member of Dad’s Army landed the role of Private Pike not necessarily because of his talent, but who was representing his talent.

Lavender goes on to dispel popular media-generated myths about cast members Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier’s on-set relationship. And when he passes round the original claret-and-blue scarf he wore on the show, some fans touch it as if they’re examining the Turin Shroud.

Stills and clips from the show punctuate the chat (if you want a clear view, queue early), so when we view the famous scene that spawned the show’s title, McNicoll is quick to explain that Lavender is probably the only actor in history to be associated with a famous line he never actually said.

Obviously aimed at fans of Dad’s Army, it’s a lovely little history lesson about the golden age of British television nevertheless.

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