Review: Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing
Every Brilliant Thing
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EVERY Brilliant Thing is a gorgeous, funny, moving show in a cracking space in a brilliantly eclectic venue. You’ll find it in the Roundabout, a posh mini circus tent in a secret second courtyard at Summerhall.

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With a little help from the audience, Jonny Donahoe describes how he came to compile a list of all the brilliant things in the world in his attempt to cope as a child, and then into adulthood with his mother’s repeat suicide attempts.

At one level, this play is a study of depression and the impossibility of understanding it without personal experience.

At another, it’s a funny, absorbing story of a man’s attempt to cope with life’s hiccups.

By involving the audience, it starts to break down the myths and mystique surrounding the often misrepresented and misunderstood nature of mental ill-health.

This is a masterful performance from Donahoe whose warmth wraps the audience in a blanket hug from the start.

Duncan Macmillan’s script is wonderful: economical, full of empathy, sharply observed and very funny. “I now realise that it’s important to talk about things”, says Jonny at the tail end of the play. An important message in a delightfully disarming production.

Until 30 August