Review: Facebooked

Facebooked with Ian Heggie
Facebooked with Ian Heggie
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CONSIDERING a large chunk of the world’s population is on Facebook, it’s odd so few productions are based upon it.

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Assembly Rooms, George Street

Ian Heggie has, though. Sadly, it’s only his status updates he wants to tell you about.

These updates are observations he makes about the people he watches, overhears or interacts with. Think about the stories your mum tells you - who she met, what they wore, what they said, etc - and you get the picture.

Walking slowly onto the stage whileplaying with a mobile phone, Heggie looks nervy. His ensuing anecdotes range from listening to two friends gossiping, a lady demanding his help in a shop and a woman in a coffee shop who is about to get a surprise in her cup.

The stories are lengthy. If only he’d discovered Twitter instead, at least those updates are only 140 characters long.

Facebooked is a good idea, but it fails to connect. In fact, you’d be better entertained checking your own Facebook’s news feed.

Do not press ‘Like’.

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