Review: Hal Cruttenden - Straight Outta Cruttenden

Hal Cruttenden
Hal Cruttenden
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ARRIVING on stage to a soundtrack of blaring gangsta rap and with a menacing look in his eye, Hal Cruttenden is clearly out to toughen up his image.

* * * * *

Pleasance Courtyard

But he’s convincing no one, as a simple smiling, “Hello,” delivered in his distinctively camp vocal style, signals normal service has been resumed and his instantly engaging personality ensures the audience are with him all the way.

The obsession on social media to out-mourn each other over celebrity deaths or the irritations of middle-age, when your car looks better than you do and the authority you had over the kids hits rock bottom are all given Cruttenden’s repressed and self-mocking treatment to great effect.

Effortlessly he relays his very relevant and genuinely funny observations.

Time at the same posh upper school as George Osbourne leaves him wondering if he should have intervened and changed the course of history.

We’ll never know.

Clearly on top form, Cruttenden consistently delivers full-on laughs during an entertaining hour of polished stand-up.

He also got great mileage from skilfully working a very chatty front row, using the kind of experienced interplay that many other comedians could only wish for.

Until August 30